Hawabee Recipes History

Known for our home-cook local dishes but with a surprising tantalizing twist of taste that differentiates Hawa Bee cooking from others. Our family history of well-known chefs, starts from the late Hussein Khan Bin Mohamad Khan who migrated from Pakistan to Singapore.

Following the legacy, the late Hawa Bee Binte Abdul Ghani was a lover of Malay and Indian cuisine. Learning secretly from her mother in law and other chefs, Hawa Bee re-create and modified each dish recipe till perfection. Many knew her for the deliciously unique taste of each of her cooking that was unparalleled to others.

For the first time, Hawa Bee family secret recipes is now made available by her son, Nazir Khan Bin Rahim Khan through 11 Hawa Bee Premium Paste.Home-Cook delicacies with a surprising twist of taste within minutes. Just add water to the paste and mix with your meat/fish/chicken and its done! No more hassle of having to add certain seasoning or ingredient. Hawa Bee Premium Paste is 100% ready-to-cook!