Hawa Bee Asam Pedas Recipe is not just from 1 generation to another. 


Just look at the ingredients and you will know the amount of work needed to make an authentic Asam pedas meal.

Onion, blended chilli,garlic, turmeric, tamarind, sugar, black pepper and Shrimp paste.

Asam Pedas Halal Instant paste curated with Hawa Bee Premium recipes is a go-to paste not just for working moms but any busy people out there!

Here is the simple step by step instruction for your reference.  Our paste are suitable for any meat such as chicken and even beef if you’re not fancy of fish!

Order in our website and get the paste delivered to your doorstep (currently only available for Singapore) .



Asam pedas method:

1. Add paste to 750ml water and bring to boil.

2. Add fish 6-7pcs (700gm-800gm) on medium heat and cook till fish is done.

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